Colic Cradler

The award-winning ColicCradler™ is an infant seat designed to automate the pediatrician-approved colic cradle hold so both parent and baby can be happy! It features an automated massager that gently puts pressure on the baby’s tummy while allowing mom or dad to put the baby down.

Parents can rejoice that a product will do the work for them, so they can take a few minutes to cook dinner, tend to other children or simply take a break! The colic cradle hold alleviates pain associated with colic by putting mild pressure on the baby’s belly.

This hold is usually achieved by placing your fingers on baby’s tummy and thumb on baby’s backside. Using your other hand to brace baby’s chest, this hold is effective, but takes both hands to do — not so good for a busy parent.

The seat is fully adjustable and features a zip-out carrier so you can still be hands-free while keeping baby close to you and your baby can still enjoy relief from the colic pain while the parent does other things. The ColicCradler™ combines two real needs for busy parents – a proven solution to colic pain and a hands-free way to do it!

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